I use essential oils for everything I can – essential oils for headaches, essential oils for skin, essential oils for repelling bugs, essential oils for household cleaners – but, for a while, I was crying every time I looked at my back account. Essential oils can be very pricey, often […]

How To NOT Spend a Fortune on Essential Oils

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Buying Essential Oils on Amazon Amazon… I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It is the leading online market place, where you can find pretty much anything you need want – short of human organs [well actually…]. Just like any market place it is well regulated, but when there are millions […]

Easy Guide to Safely Buying Essential Oils On Amazon

essential oils for depression and anxiety
Essential Oils for Depression Relief Essential oils for depression are plentiful and are used often in aromatherapy. Finding an effective prescription medication is hit or miss, and it’s often discouraging when you have to wait for weeks, with no results, only to change medications and start the process again. As […]

14 Best Essential Oils for Depression and Blend Recipes

essential oils for scars
Essential Oils for Scars Herbal treatments for scars are nothing new. Whether it was to prevent scars or to reduce them, there have been poultices and compresses – devised by generations of observation and knowledge of the materials at hand – to help aid the healing process for centuries. Essential […]

Essential Oils for Scars – plus blend recipes and application ...

essential oils for burns
Essential Oils for Burns and additional herbal remedies Having worked, clumsily, in a commercial kitchen for years, I can tell you that burns are a pain that can last for days and even years. Whether it’s just minor skin damage of a first degree burn or its severe nerve damage […]

Essential Oils for Burns – and additional herbal remedies for ...

What is a Tincture
What is a tincture? “What is a tincture?” This is a question I hear often when talking about natural or herbal remedies and holistic or homeopathic medicine. Simply put, a tincture is a liquid extract made from herbs. The essential compounds of the plant, that give its medicinal properties, are […]

What is a Tincture?