Essential Oils for Muscle Pain Almost everyone can recall a time in their lives when their muscles were achy and painfully tender as a result of something or another. Muscle pain varies from mild, manageable discomfort to excruciating and debilitating pain. The most common areas for muscle pain in the […]

Essential Oils for Muscle Pain

14 Relaxing Essential Oils for Sleep Sleep difficulties can range from a complete lack of sleep, such as insomnia; all the way to disturbed sleep patterns, such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and narcolepsy to name a few. So why am I having sleep difficulties? It would seem that […]

14 Deeply Relaxing Essential Oils for Sleep

essential oils for allergies
How Can Essential Oils Help Allergies? Essential oils are being recognized, more and more, as a natural and holistic means of managing health. Thankfully, there are many essential oils containing anti-allergen, anti-inflammatory, and antihistamine properties that are effective natural remedies for allergies. Essential oils can be used in an assortment […]

15 Potent Essential Oils for Allergies

What Is Acne? Did you know acne is the most common skin disease? And it’s not just teens who suffer. An estimated 70% of Americans suffer with some form of acne related skin problem; that includes plenty of adults. So here goes, acne explained in a nutshell: The skin’s pores […]

14 Best Essential Oils for Acne

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Essential oils for Nerve Pain   What is Nerve Pain? Have you heard the term Neuropathy before? How about Neuralgia? These two words are the cause of a lot of pain and despair for 20 million in Americas. That’s 1 in every 16 US citizens. So, what do they mean? […]

Essential Oils for Nerve Pain

essential oils for ADHD and ADD
Why Use Essential Oils for ADHD and ADD? When your child is diagnosed as ADHD and ADD it can be a nightmare. No one wants to put their children on drugs with negative side effects that outnumber the positive ones, especially when a lack of consistent medical testing brings up […]

9 Essential Oils for ADHD and ADD

herbs for headaches
Herbs for Headaches: 4 Powerful Herbs You Need to Try Why Use Herbs for Headaches Headaches are something that everyone suffers from at one time or another. Some only suffer minor headaches on occasion, from things such as: allergies dehydration lack of sleep caffeine or sugar sensitivities While others have […]

4 Powerful and Potent Herbs for Headaches

Buying Essential Oils on Amazon Amazon… I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It is the leading online market place, where you can find pretty much anything you need want – short of human organs [well actually…]. Just like any market place it is well regulated, but when there are millions […]

Easy Guide to Safely Buying Essential Oils On Amazon

essential oils for depression and anxiety
Essential Oils for Depression Relief Essential oils for depression are plentiful and used often in aromatherapy. Finding an effective prescription medication is hit or miss, and it’s often discouraging when you have to wait for weeks, with no results, only to change medications and start the process again. As someone […]

18 Best Essential Oils for Depression and Blend Recipes