How to Safely Buy Essential Oils on Amazon

Buying essential oils on amazon
Buying Essential Oils on Amazon

Amazon… I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It is the leading online market place, where you can find pretty much anything you need want – short of human organs [well actually…]. Just like any market place it is well regulated, but when there are millions of products, and sellers, to keep an eye on it’s not surprising that there will be some seedy characters who slip through the cracks.

Essential oils are one of those products targeted by scammers and counterfeiters, and amazon hasn’t seemed to catch on.. yet. Many companies products are preyed upon, especially – what many consider – the best essential oils companies.

So now you might be wondering,
Where CAN I buy essential oils if not on Amazon?”

The good news is you can still buy your essential oils on Amazon, and this page is here to help you make an educated purchasing decision – hopefully keeping you safe and happy with your Amazon essential oil purchase.

And please feel free to ask ANY questions you have in the comments below. We are here to help you stay happy, healthy, and safe.

You can also find more articles about how to use essential oils for things such as burns, scars, ADD/ADHD even toenail fungus, on our homepage.

Essential Oil Scams and Schemes

There are two very important things to questions when buying essential oils on Amazon:

  1. Am I buying the essential oils directly from the company?
  2. Has my essential oil been tampered with?

The first question can help answer the second question (but not always). If you are buying directly from reputable essential oil companies you can pretty much ensure that you’re getting the real deal – pure and uncut – but like I said, this isn’t always the case.

Then there comes a third question… “Am I buying from an MLM re-seller?”

Multi-Level Marketing Scheme (Pyramid Scheme)

MLM stands for “Multi-Level Marketing”… but you probably better know it as a “pyramid scheme/scam”.

Multi-Level Marketing works like this:

  • You sign up to sell a company’s product (DoTERRA / Young Living), either directly through the company or from another re-seller.
  • You purchase product at a discount and then sell it at marked up price; then a % of your sales profit goes to the people who signed you up.
  • You also can sign up other people to become re-sellers; then you will receive a % of those peoples sales profits, as well as, anyone they sign up – so on and so forth.
    MLM Diagram
    This diagram shows why it’s called a “pyramid” scheme

The part of this that makes it a scheme is when you sign up other people for resale accounts and create, what they call, an upstream – when the % of profit is funneled upstream to you from all the other people who have signed up because of you.

Why is this bad? Because it creates a community of people, who aren’t properly trained, with a motivation to sell a potentially harmful product in misinformative and unsafe ways.

MLM re-sellers are just like you, regular people who probably need to look on Google to research how to use the very essential oils they are selling. They generally don’t have the extensive training in biology, chemistry, aromatherapy, etc, that it takes to fully understand the safe use and interactions of essential oils.

What makes this even worse is that these reputable essential oil companies, whose product is being sold, often provide free training that is both minimal and promotes unsafe usage- such as the advocating and instruction of using essential oils internally… something you should ONLY do under the supervision of an NAHA certified aromatherapist, and not by the instructions labeled on a bottle or told to you by someone who is repeating the companies rhetoric.

MLM re-sellers can be approved to sell on Amazon, and that means you can find the real deal on Amazon, but you’re more likely to run into a scammer instead. This leads me to the question…

Has My Essential Oil Been Tampered With?

This is the most common thing I have found when researching essential oils on Amazon.

Essential oils from DoTERRA and Young Living are riddled with reviews from customers complaining that the safety seal on their bottles was broken when they received their purchase.

Many perform an evaporation test on paper, finding that they haven’t received pure essential oils – and are left wondering if it was just diluted with a carrier oil or if they received something else all together.

One piece of advice to help make a safe purchase is to check who the Amazon seller is. This can sometimes be misleading if you’re not accustomed to Amazons product page layout. Often you will see a products manufacturer listed, but more often than that, they are not the ones who are actually fulfilling the order.

Instead of relying on the manufacturers name, check to the right for the re-seller and check on their reviews to see if they are reputable or not by clicking their name.

Amazon Essential Oil Seller Info
Don’t be mislead, even though the manufacturers name is listed, the re-seller is who you want to check for.

A broken seal is a clear sign that something is wrong, and if you took the leap by making an Amazon essential oils purchase, then the first thing you should do is make sure the safety seal/ring hasn’t been broken.

Risky and Trusted Essential Oil Brands on Amazon

This section has evolved, and will continue to do so, as the landscape of essential oils available on amazon grows and changes.

I use to have a disclaimer stating that these weren’t critiques of essential oil brands, but rather the likelihood that their product is either tampered with or whether the accompanying information is accurate and safe based on a few different factors:

  • Is the company selling direct
  • Does the company use MLM re-sellers
  • What is reflected in the products reviews

Now, as more companies spring up on Amazon, it feels necessary to add reviews of some companies essential oil quality and purity.

I encourage you to read up on different companies to make an informed decision on their quality. You can find some great groups on Facebook to help you along the way:

And I highly recommend following Dr. Robert Pappas, a well-regarded chemist who performs analytical testing of essential oils, on Facebook.

essential oil purity test

Amazon Essential Oils: Risky Brands


DoTerra comes in at #1 in risky essential oils on Amazon. This isn’t because they’re a bad company, it’s because they are an easy target for scammers. Out of all essential oils on Amazon this is the most popular and most expensive, and that means that there is a high return for the effort put into counterfeiting DoTERRA essential oils.

DoTERRA does have authorized MLM re-sellers but it’s hard to tell who is actually authorized, and selling unadulterated product, or who isn’t. Either way, it is very likely that the accompanying information – health claims and usage directions, are not up to the standards of either the FDA or NAHA.

Young Living:

Young Living is reportedly the oldest brand of essential oils, and is “top dog” right up there with DoTERRA. Pretty much the same scenario described for DoTERRA applies to Young Living. They are an easy target, their oils are expensive and thus there is a high profit on counterfeits – this is the same reason you see knock-offs of Rolex watches and not Timex.

I do not know if Young Living has authorized MLM re-sellers on Amazon, but it is best to do A LOT of research on the re-seller… definitely click their name and check their personal reviews.

Radha Beauty:

Radha Beauty has also being raking in sales and just as many bad reviews. Their prices are so low that they are highly suspect to either being synthetic or diluted. Without going too far into the math of all that, rather I’ll let this article do that for me, it has been confirmed in a video by Dr. Pappas (PH.D and EO chemical analyst) that Radha Beauty’s lavender essential oil is, indeed, synthetic – he also mentions “it’s not just their lavender..” alluding to other products in their line that are not pure or are synthetic.

Watch Dr. Pappas’ video below, it’s absolutely eye opening.

lavender essential oils on amazon

Amazon Essential Oils: Trusted Brands

Edens Garden:

Edens Garden is a reputable essential oil company who sells directly on Amazon, as well as on their own website. You will find their full line of essential oils available and with plenty of great reviews. They have a wonderful customer service that will give you honest information -such as, their oils are therapeutic grade and can be ingested, but they are quick to inform you of how unsafe it is to ingest EO without the guidance of a trained and certified aromatherapist. They will also provide you with third party testing results upon request.

To me, that kind of honesty is a strong selling point and reflects a company who cares about the health of their customers.

A short list of available Edens Garden essential oils are:

Essential Oils Synergy Blends
Organic Lavender Thieves Patchouli Good Night Synergy Blend
Tea Tree Cinnamon Leaf Lemon Grass Anxiety Ease Synergy Blend
Peppermint Bergamot Cedarwood Breath Easier Synergy Blend
Lemon Clove Sweet Orange Stress Relief Synergy Blend
Frankincense Rosemary Geranium Uplift Synergy Blend
Grapefruit Vetiver Clary Sage Head Ease Synergy Blend
Eucalyptus Myrrh Cypress Relaxation Synergy Blend
Ylang Ylang Vanilla Roman Chamomile Purify Synergy Blend
Basil Winter Green Turmeric Muscle Relief Synergy Blend
Ginger Thyme Oregano Respiratory Ease Synergy Blend

Plant Therapy:

Plant Therapy is another highly reputable essential oil company, with a great line of “kids safe” essential oils. Like Edens Garden, they also sell directly though Amazon and it’s a safe bet you’re getting the real thing. They are a bit more expensive than Edens Garden (only by a couple of dollars) but they also do a lot for customer service, including an aromatherapist team to answer your questions.

Be sure to check out their oils, especially the Kid Safe line if you have children:

Essential oils Synergy Blends Kid Safe
Frankincense Tea Tree Respir-Aid Synergy Blend Calming the Child Synergy Blend
Ylang Ylang Lemon Germ Fighter Synergy Blend Nighty Nighty Synergy Blend
Lavender Grapefruit Immune-Aid Synergy Blend Sniffle Stopper Synergy Blend
Oregano Bergamot Worry Free Synergy Blend Germ Destroyer Synergy Blend
Lemon Cedarwood Insect Shield Synergy Blend Sneezy Stop Synergy Blend
Clary Sage Vetiver Sensual Synergy Aphrodisiac Blend Immune Boom Synergy Blend
Organic Eucalyptus Patchouli Holiday Season Synergy Blend A+ Attention Synergy Blend
Organic Peppermint Organic Rosemary Brain Aid Synergy Blend Better Than Kisses Synergy Blend

Ovvio Oils:

Ovvio Oils began in 2014, and for a new-comer to the essential oil trade, they are becoming wildly popular. Their commitment to quality organic ingredients and keeping prices low and competitive is setting them apart from some other brands; especially those that employ multilevel marketing.. They sell directly through Amazon, and state such on their website, so you can rest assured that their oils are the real deal, and are a great deal to boot.

Take a look at their rapidly expanding line of essential oils:

Essential Oils Synergy Blends
Lavender Ylang Ylang “Slumber” Rest and Recovery “Sooth” Muscle Pain Relief
Frankincense Lemon “Inhale” Respiratory Health “Unwind” Stress Relief
Cedarwood “Strength Plus” Immune Protection “Enhance” Mood Lifting

Undetermined Brands

Now Foods:

Now Foods is one of the reputable essential oils companies commonly found today. As a brand you can trust that their oils are good and pure, but they don’t sell directly on Amazon and that leaves room for tampering. However, their cost is so low that it’s not as lucrative to counterfeit as a more expensive brand.

It seems you can, generally, trust their Amazon re-sellers. The dozen that I’ve clicked through had 99% positive ratings, and sales in the tens of thousands – that’s a very trustworthy re-seller!

But since they do not sell directly they get put in this category for their potential risk.

That’s the guide for now, but I will be updating it with more companies as I contact them for information. I hope this helps you make a better informed decision on what oils to buy and be sure to let us know in the comments about your experience with buying essential oils on amazon. Be sure to check out the rest of healed with herbs for guides, blend recipes, and more on how to use essential oils.

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