4 Powerful and Potent Herbs for Headaches

Herbs for Headaches: 4 Powerful Herbs You Need to Try

Why Use Herbs for Headaches

Headaches are something that everyone suffers from at one time or another. Some only suffer minor headaches on occasion, from things such as:

While others have migraines and severe tension headaches that are affected by:

  • stress
  • diet
  • hormones
  • some medications

What may bother you is that over the counter headache medications are full of chemicals that can do more harm than good, and you may not want to go with a higher dosed prescription option either.

If this sounds like you, and you are looking for a natural headache option, try using the following herbs for headaches – they have done wonders for my own tension headaches and I know they can help you too.

List of Herbs For Headaches


honey suckle herbs for headaches

Honeysuckle is a hard to come by herbal plant that only grows during certain seasons. It is a heavy duty relief from migraines, making it a must have for most people who are looking for herbs for migraine headaches. You can harvest honeysuckle when it is growing and dehydrate the flowers in a food dehydrator. The flowers can then be stored and added to hot water. Although I do love my food dehydrator, you can also find Honeysuckle tea for headaches on Amazon, which is probably easier for you than dehydrating your own Honeysuckle flowers.

Drink the tea and retreat to a dark cool room. You will find your headache easing off within the hour. If you need a stronger dose, you can fill vegetarian capsules with the dehydrated flower and take with water.

White Willow Bark

white willow bark herbs for headaches

White willow bark is a potent herb for headaches, tension, inflammation, and overall pain. It can be found in capsule form, powder form, as well as an herbal tea and or tinctures for headaches – but due to the bitter taste of the herb, most people take it in pill or capsule form. You can also mix White Willow Bark powder with other inflammation fighting herbs or with other herbs for an overall headache and pain reliever, especially during allergy season and cold and flu season.


feverfew herbs for headaches

Feverfew sounds more like a fever fighter than a headache related herb. Feverfew helps with blood flow – in fact, when you have a headache one of the main problems is the lack of blood flow or restricted blood flow causing inflammation. Feverfew helps reduce the inflammation and open up the blood vessels for better blood flow which helps relieve the pain and release the headache.

Many find the taste of Feverfew to be bitter and unpleasant, so it is often mixed with lemongrass for teas, which makes it more palatable and pleasing. You can also find Feverfew as a capsule on Amazon which will make it easier to get down.


lemon grass herbs for headaches

Lemongrass is another powerful herb for headaches, and when coupled with Feverfew, is exponentially more effective at relieving headaches and migraines. It naturally has the compound Eugenol which helps to prevent clots much like aspirin does, and also releases serotonin. These important traits are helpful because serotonin levels and blood platelet function disruption can be the cause of migraines and other headaches.

Lemongrass has a slight lemon flavor, and makes a delicious herbal tea to relieve headaches. It is also a GREAT cooking herb, used in plenty of asian dishes, which means you can get natural migraine relief just by eating dinner… sounds like a win/win to me. Try using loose lemongrass herb the next time you’re making a dish or a soup.


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